EvEn though造句并翻译

Even though he has been ill , he come to school.尽管他生病了,但他还是来了上课.

I don't like you even though you did a lot for me 我是不会喜欢你的,即使你为我来做了这么多自 Though it's difficult, he works out it.虽然这个很困难,他还是解决掉了它.I want to see the ocean one day我希望某一天去看大百洋.The pacific ocean is the biggest ocean in the world 太平洋是度世界上最大的洋.

even though i know there is a lot of difficulties in my way, i will never give up pursuing my dream.

It used to be my favourite restaurant but the standard of cooking has fallen off recently. 那是我以前最喜欢的饭馆,但近来烹饪水平已大不如前了. My favourite film stars Marilyn Monroe. 我最喜欢的电影是玛丽莲梦露主演的. His ambition was to

1.Even though we live in different cities, the bond of friendship has kept us close.

even though 才对 即使

though(虽然)I will go though it is rainingeven though(即使)I will go evev it will rain

I was homesick, even though I just two days.

Even though he failed,he didn't give up.He didn't give up even though he failed.

可以这样造句哦.Even though he has been ill ,he come to school with the feeling that.


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